About the NJR Data Access Portal

The NJR Data Access Portal was created in order to provide researchers and others requiring data access to work with the latest NJR research-ready dataset through a self-contained environment. This environment gives researchers access to software tools including STATA and Microsoft Office and enables separate research groups to work collaboratively on projects. The portal facilitates access to the data, whilst ensuring it is kept secure and only accessible to research group members. 

The NJR, in collaboration with NEC Software Solutions and HQIP, is one of the first to make such health data available through a web portal.


Our Aims
  • To enable the NJR to service a larger number of research requests and with greater efficiency.
  • To maximise safe access whilst protecting the source dataset.
  • To maintain NJR ownership and security of its data.
  • To maintain data integrity through a single source of data available for both external and internal analyses.
  • To provide time-dependent obsolescence of the data to prevent it being used for non-agreed purposes.


Our Data

The research-ready data available on the NJR Data Access Portal is the largest database of hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement procedures in the world. Our strategy is to make data widely available to the research community to further the understanding of joint diseases and the determinants of outcome of these common procedures.