Research Request

You can apply for access to the NJR data set using the Expression of Interest from below. If you are planning to submit a grant application that uses NJR data, an Expression of Interest (EoI) form for the project must be submitted to the NJR Research committee and an "approval in principle" response received, prior to submission of the grant application to the funding body. Information on existing projects can be found in the research portfolio page on the main NJR site.

Guidance notes for research applicants

In the first instance all applicants must submit an expression of interest about their research idea and study summary prior to submitting a full application for NJR data. This short EoI form asks you to establish the correct classification for the research study that is, whether it is an external project (NJR Supported Project) or an internal or collaborative project (NJR Partnership Project) research request.

1: Establish the correct classification for your proposal

Use the guidance notes to establish where your proposal would fit. The link to the document is provided at the DOWNLOADS section of this page.

2: Complete the Expression of Interest form for the review

Please complete and submit the EoI form (below). The NJR Research committee will endeavour to respond to all requests within one month of receipt. 

Following approval of an EoI, applicants will be invited to submit a full external or internal research request application. The relevant application form will accompany the invitation from the Research Sub-committee to submit a full application.

3: Take note of the management pathway for applications

Please download and take note of the management pathway followed for research requests. The link to the document is provided at the DOWNLOADS section of this page.

4: Plan your expression of interest to take advantage of submission deadlines for full research applications

Full research project applications are submitted for quarterly review by the Research committee as per the dates listed below:

  Quarter     Submission date   RC meeting date
  Spring    14 February 2022   14 March 2022
  Summer    16 May 2022  13 June 2022
  30 August 2022  27 September 2022
  14 November 2022 12 December 2022

Please note:

  • If you fill in the form on this website, you do not need to send a copy of your EoI form to the NJR by email
  • Research requests may be submitted at any time, but we recommend that you submit as far in advance of the deadline as possible
  • Applications will be accepted until 5pm on the day of the deadline both on this website and by email to
  • Submissions received after the deadline will be deferred to the next period
  • We aim to give written feedback to applicants within one month of the RC meeting
  • Should we require further clarification of the research request, we will be in touch to discuss, and may request your attendance at a future RC meeting


Expression of Interest Form
PLEASE NOTE that if you refresh this page or use the Back button on your browser before submitting, the entered information will be lost.

Please provide full title of the research project.
Please provide full name of research principal investigator.
Please provide email of research principal investigator.
Please provide main applicant's affiliation details.
Please provide full names of other applicants, separated by semicolon.
Please provide emails of other applicants, separated by semicolon.
Please specify whether you are applying for data to conduct an independet external study that is supported by NJR snd uses no patient, surgeon, or unit identifiable data and no linked databases (HES/PEDW/PROMS), or to conduct an internal/NJR collaborative study that requires personal identifiable data, or use of linked databases.

If the project is internal, please provide the full name of the identified NJR collaborator.
Maximum 50 words.
Maximum 250 words.
Maximum 50 words.
Please specify whether this application is made in preparation for a grant application.

Please confirm timeline of the related grant application. Only fill this field, if you answered 'yes' to the previous question.
Please provide anticipated duration in months.
Terms of Data Use  
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